We use the best available maintenance equipment to make sure you have a great time on the slopes. For that purpose we chose Montana. With 75 years of reputation in the winter sports scene, Montana is a Swiss company founded in 1939 and is the undisputed brand for quality ski and snowboard tuning services.

We currently run a top of the line MONTANA SNOW CHALLEGE machine for running for optimal conditioning of your equipment and a MONTANA FUTURE WAX for the ultimate waxing of your skis and snowboards.

We’ve been around for 30 years and we strive to offer you a professional service. From the moment you drop off your equipment, through the delivery of the tuning service up until you pick up the equipment at one of our 4 shops. We also take pride in being knowledgeable enough to teach you how you can maintain your skis at home.

Standard Service
50 CHF
The must have
Inspection de sureté du cadre et de la fourche (Inclus pivots, amortisseurs, tringlerie etc.)
Inspection d’usure des composantes de transmission et inspection des câbles et gaines
Inspection d’usure des roulements (roulements de roue / pédalier / raccord de direction / poulie de roues et pédales)
Nettoyage et lubrifications des composantes de transmission (sur le vélo)
Nettoyage du cadre
Ajustement et réglage du mécanisme de changement de vitesses
Ajustement des freins + Dressage mineur de roues (sur le vélo)
Ajustement du raccord de direction et pédalier
Vérification du couple et ajustement complet des boulons sur le vélo
TOP Service
80 CHF
The nice to have
everything in the Standard Service +
Démontage complet du vélo de toutes ses composantes
Polissage et nettoyage du cadre, nettoyage et taraudage des filets
Alignement du support de dérailleur
Dressage de roues complète et révision majeure du moyeu
Révision majeure et ajustement du raccord de direction et du pédalier
Remplacement de câble et gaine/conduit hydraulique

Our Shops

McBoard // Villars-Sur-Ollon

Rue Centrale, 105
1884 Villars-Sur-Ollon

+41 24 495 13 39

Paragon Sport // Barboleuse

Place de la Barboleuse 6
1882 Gryon

+41 24 498 16 30

Paragon Sport // Alpe des Chaux

Alpe des Chaux
1882 Gryon

+41 24 498 24 65